Friday, September 23, 2011

Sweet Sorrento

Well, I had resigned myself to the fact that Italy was not the country I had believed it to be.  I had fallen out of love with it and totally inlove with Greece.  Until now.  Sorrento was a sweet town with friendly Italians and a lot of them actually spoke English and were kind to us when we tried our terrible Italian on them. 

We visited Pompeii - way too large - but the kids loved the dead bodies.  Kept them entertained the whole time we walked through it, them hoping to find another body!  Which was good for us because it gave us a chance to appreciate the size and beauty of the place, even if they were being so morbid!

Then the next day we climbed Mt Vesuvius, we got a bus from the train station most of the way up.  Dylan sat next to an American lady who he proceeded to educate in all things Pompeii (most of which was pretty acurate), I tried not to cringe too much about the facts his fantastical mind had somehow created.  However, the lady was most impressed with his understanding and seemed to think he would make a great teacher.  (Oh boy, Jaz did you read that?)  Mt Vesuvius was very impressive, but the temperature dropped so dramatically that we did not stay long.

After surviving the unexpected antartic wind atop the volcanoe, we made our way down to the Herculeum.  Wow and double wow.  I loved the Herculeum more than Pompeii.  The mosaic artworks and the frescos were everywhere and in such amazingly good condition that I almost felt like I was stepping back in time.  We ended up with a self appointed guide towards the end who told us he worked there.  Then he told us some amazing facts and the owners of the most grandest of houses in the Herculeum.  His English as pretty good, but I still struggled to understand him because he spoke so quickly!  He was quite hilarious too the way he described things like the toilet etc.  As it turned out he was just another one of those "helpful" guys that like to get money after they "help" you.  Unfortunately for him Vaughan only had a few pathetic coins to give him, I think he would have gotten more if Vaughan had had a five euro note because he was so funny.

We rented a car the last day and drove to Positano and along the Amalfi coast.  It was beautiful and we soaked our toes in the water (having thought togs were not going to be needed because of the weather) and ate lunch outside under an umbrella overlooking the waves crashing up on the black stoney beach.  The food we ate there was the best we had had in Italy.  The kids had a Calzone and I had the Spagetti Carbonara.  Vaughan had Spagetti with garlic mussles - totally yummy!

Ok gotta go and have some lunch, the family are a bit bored waiting for me to do this.

Home tomorrow!


P.S.  Please nobody see my spelling and grammar mistakes (remember I am a zombie right now).

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  1. Awesome Karla and Company. Sounds like the perfect end to a great trip!