Saturday, August 6, 2011

Finally the first blog!

I never would have thought it would take almost a week before I did my first blog - sorry if you have been looking and waiting.

Our flight over was uneventful and the kids were fantastic.  We all had little sleep and yet it always amazes me how resilient our kids can be.  We were collected from the airport by a family friend, Stewart, and promptly got stuck in our first European traffic jam on the M25 - a eleven car pile up!  It look ages to get through, but not as long as the traffic jam on the other side of the M25 caused by people slowing down to see what had happened (apparently its called "rubbernecking")

We stayed at Stewart & Toni's place for a couple of nights and just after we arrived and were checking out their house and garden I spotted what I thought was a dog in their back yard.  It turned out to be a fox sniffing around the garden and we were all transfixed having never seen a fox in real life before.  Needless to say our excitement ended up scaring him away before Vaughan got a photo and he stayed hidden for the rest of our visit.  Dylan wanted to know where he came from and when Stewart explained he lived "under the shed at the bottom of the garden" Dylan went investigating which is probably why he didn't come out again while we were there.  I do hope we get to see another one and get a photo too.

We have ended up doing lots of touristy things in London (St Paul's, London Eye, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and more) and I could type and type about our experiences for pages, but maybe I will just tell you about my favourite parts.  Expect to see an overflowing scrapbook of photos and stories when we get back though!

What took my breathe away in London was the architecture.  I could have spent weeks looking at the amazing detail and history of it all, but having only seen a small part my favourite would have to be the Natural History Museum which was built in 1881 and is covered with statues of animals and insects and it is a HUGE building.  The English certainly have a lot of artifacts from every corner of the earth!  It is probably the children's favourite part of our trip so far because of the Dinosaur exhibition, if you come to London you wont want to miss it!

We are now in the Lakes District and it is green and warm and lovely.  The houses are so cute!  My brother celebrates his 30th birthday today and we are preparing for a big party, 40 people minimum expected!  So better go hit those salads etc.  We stay here for the next six days and everyday is full with places to go and see.   I hope to blog at least one more time before leaving for France on the 12th August.

Sending lots of love to everyone.

Big hugs