Friday, September 9, 2011

blog from Kathryn...

The Eiffel tower was great.  It was huge and it was very pretty.  I liked looking down from the high heights at the view.

I did not eat any snails or frog legs because we couldn't find any cafes or restaurants that served them.

I did get to see a green snake slither past me when I was at the pool at the villa in Tuscany.  I have seen over 100 lizards and I even caught one, which was easy because it went into the pool.  It was fun when that happened.  It was a baby.

Greece has lots of beautiful ruins and I really like them.  One ruin I saw held water in it, although it doesn't anymore.

We went to the Vatican Museum in Rome yesterday and I loved the pictures on the ceilings.


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  1. Im sorry I missed this blog post . I am so glad you are having a great time. I do miss you though. Can't wait to skype when you are back. Love ya. Jaz xx