Thursday, August 18, 2011

2nd Post

Hey everyone

It appears that getting to an internet cafe to blog is quite difficult, sorry for the huge delays.

So just quickly we are in France, camping, and yesterday booked into a camping ground in Fontes.  It has a pool and with these 32 degree days makes it tempting to just swim all day!

The views are breathtaking and picturesque and Vaughan is overloading us with photo's.  If he comes back before my time is up I will post a photo with this.

We are eating too much pastry for breakfast!!  Tonight we are going to take Kathryn to a restaurant that does escargo! 

We are all loving speaking French.  This morning in the swimming pool Kathryn said "bonjour, sa va, par lay voo onglay" to a little girl without any prompting by us - priceless! (sorry for my incorrect French spelling)  Which translates to "hello, how are you, do you speak English?"

We are now thinking we need to start learning some Italian soon because next week we go there. 

By the way our rental car is an Audi A4 2011 and Vaughan loves it! I on the other hand am nervous about scratching it!

So lots of love from us.



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  2. Fantastic - thanks for posting those pics - looks like you are all having so much fun in the sun. Wish we were there!!